According to the NRCA, about 40% of commercial roofing systems use TPO. And it’s no surprise why!

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This is a single-ply roof membrane that’s supported by a solid substrate such as a well-engineered insulation system. If you’re in the market for a commercial flat roof, this can be an ideal choice. It comes with many benefits over EPMD and PVC roofing systems without the associated drawbacks.

But what is TPO roofing and is it suitable for your commercial structure? Read on to learn about the advantages of this roofing system.

1. Economical

Are you aware that with all its touted benefits, TPO roofing is relatively cheap? A square foot can range from $350 to $1,400 for the material and labor costs. This cost varies depending on various material thicknesses available on the market.

A full-sized commercial TPO roofing can be quite costly with an estimate of $7,455—but worth every penny. Fortunately, this is just a one-time payment because these roofing systems require little to no repairs and maintenance. Even better, they last a lifetime.

They are equipped with cutting-edge features such as hot-air weldable seams and superior energy insulators. This offers good energy efficiency that drastically lowers utility bills and maintenance costs.

They are also chemical- and puncture-resistant and can handle thermal expansion thanks to their flexibility. As a result, TPO roofing is highly durable and cost-effective.

2. Easy Installation

Commercial installation of TPO roofing is roughly $0.50 per square foot with labor costs of about $5-$15 per square foot. This makes a TPO roof an affordable commercial roofing option.

The lightweight nature, fewer seams, and wider panels facilitate a swift assembling of TPO roofs. The membrane can be fixed or attached to a substrate with different adhesives or welded in place.

The system is tailor-made, meaning it doesn’t require any construction procedures. As a result, you enjoy lower costs and shorter installation periods.

3. Energy Efficient

TPO roof system is highly energy-efficient and UV-ray reflective, surpassing the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR requirements. The resistance to chemical exposure, ozone, and ultraviolet ray helps to reflect heat while maintaining a cooler indoor environment. During summer periods, it can reduce energy usage by as much as 25%-35%.

TPO roofing is also 100% eco-friendly and recyclable since it doesn’t contain chlorine components which are hazards to the environment.

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Installing a TPO roofing system will provide a cool and protective coating layer to offset the heat generated from asphalt concrete structures.

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