A hailstorm can damage crops, vehicles, and commercial buildings. Larger hailstones can be particularly damaging to the roof of your building.  Don’t wait until your roof leaks to discover compromised areas caused by hail. Learn to spot the signs of hail damage on a commercial roof and find out what you can do to restore your building.

Inspect Vents and Exhaust Caps

A common misconception is that shingles and other surface materials receive the most damage from a hailstorm. While hail can certainly damage asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing materials, it will typically affect vents and exhaust caps first. These soft metal accessories are particularly prone to bending, cracking, and otherwise becoming compromised. A damaged exhaust cap can either clog the exhaust pipe or create a hole that allows moisture into your commercial building.

Signs of Shingle Damage

Extra-large hailstones can create a pockmarked surface on your commercial roof. This can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roofing and create small holes that allow moisture to seep into your building. Some shingle damage is normal as your shingles age, but large stains, bruising, and denting are all signs that could point to hail damage.

Just like cracks on your windshield caused by a hailstone or rock, look for circular cracking on wood shingles and other surfaces. While uncommon, these circular marks are particularly clear signs of hail damage.

Receive Quality Commercial Roofing Services

Our team at Great Lakes Roofing are experts at identifying hail damage and restoring your commercial roof. Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped roof, work with local professionals to restore your building and prevent moisture damage. Contact us immediately after a hailstorm to inspect the damage and offer comprehensive repairs or a complete roof replacement. Call 708-512-4798 or email us today to learn more.

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