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Three Advantages of a Commercial Roof Inspection


Although rarely given much thought until it starts underperforming, a commercial roof is the key to ensuring employee and consumer safety. Your roof serves as protection from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and burning rays from the sun. Therefore a failing roof can put your building and those inside it at risk. A commercial roof inspection can reduce the risk of roof failure and offer you the following advantages.


1. Early Detection of Problems


A small leak where one roofing tile is missing is much cheaper and easier to repair than a large hole that has been left unaddressed for months. Once water damage starts, it can spread quickly and create problems with mold growth and structural integrity. Most property managers won’t know what kind of damage or problems to look for, making it essential to call in the experts at Great Lakes Roofing.


2. Easier Claim Filings


Our contractors at Great Lakes Roofing will photograph and document any damage discovered during your commercial roof inspection. This information is crucial when filing a claim against an insurance policy for damage sustained during severe weather or storms. A detailed report from a roofing contractor provides the insurance company with a credible source for evaluating total damage, needed repairs, and an estimate of the costs.


3. Reduced Repair Expenses


As a property manager, you are likely looking for ways to cut costs while keeping your property in the best shape. Regular inspections are a great way to keep your roof maintained and reduce overall repair costs. If an issue is detected early, it will likely involve a minor, inexpensive repair, but it could lead to a large repair or even a full roof replacement if it goes unnoticed.

If you want to experience these benefits and extend the longevity of your roof, reach out to our team at Great Lakes Roofing. We would love to help you get your commercial roof inspection scheduled.



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