Commercial Roofing Repairs vs. Replacements: Making the Right Decision

roofing repairs vs replacement

When roofing problems occur, the manager always faces two difficult decisions: roofing repairs vs. replacement. The right roofing company understands the difference between both services and will help you make the right decision.

Entire roof replacements often require large expenditures, which many commercial business owners may not opt for. Roofing repairs often require minor changes and patches on the roof, which are much less and less labor-demanding. However, choosing whether to repair or replace your commercial roofing depends on several factors, which we will discuss below.

Roofing Repairs Vs. Replacement Considerations

This segment provides an in-depth guide on the difference between roofing repairs and roofing replacements and when to choose one option over the other, including the following:

Extent of Damage

The general rule of thumb commercial property owners should use is that replacing commercial property roofs is always more efficient if less than 25% or more of the roof is damaged. However, if the damage is severe and surpasses the 25% roof coverage, the commercial roofer would be better off replacing it. Roofing repairs may not hold up in such instances, especially after several tried and failed repairs.

Some damage types on commercial roofs may be limited to popular areas that are easily reparable. Most of the roof may still be in excellent condition with good insulation, which may prompt a repair instead of a complete replacement.

Age of the Roof

We all know nothing lasts forever. Therefore, if your commercial building has an older roofing system and has made several repairs, it might be time to replace it. Your roofing system may be nearing the end of its lifespan, prompting the need for professional roof replacement. It might not be worth repairing an old roof, especially if your budget allows room for replacement.

Location of the Damage

One critical factor commercial property owners must consider when looking for professional roofing repairs or replacement is where the roof damage has occurred. The damage may be in a building section critical to business operations, over expensive manufacturing equipment or valuable inventory.

A full replacement may be ideal if you have previously repaired these roof parts, but issues still occur.

Budget Constraints

Cost considerations also play a critical role in deciding between roofing repairs vs. replacement. While most repairs are more affordable, many provide only short-term solutions and often require multiple follow-up repairs that raise your budget.

On the other hand, investing in a new roof may be a significant investment. But with proper installation by a qualified roof inspector, the new roof could last you decades.

Potential for Business Interruption

Commercial roof maintenance processes, repairing or replacing, may result in some business interruptions. However, roof repairs require less downtime compared to complete commercial roof replacements.

As such, a repair may be the better temporary solution for commercial businesses who need a new roof but cannot get one because it is closer to a popular holiday or busy season.

Roofing Repairs Vs. Replacement: Trust Great Lakes Roofing for Expert Advice

When deciding whether to repair or replace damaged commercial roofing materials, several factors, such as the ones mentioned above, come into play. Engaging professional roofing experts for all commercial roofing processes helps you make better-informed decisions that ensure your roof’s safety and longevity.

Get in touch today for more information on professional commercial roofing services in Chicago. Our professional and highly experienced team at Great Lakes Roofing would love to hear from you.


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