Commercial Roof Maintenance in Chicago

Great Lakes Roofing & Construction offers a range of commercial roof maintenance programs for your flat or metal roof. We eliminate a big worry by conducting regular inspections and performing routine maintenance to extend the useful life of your roof.

The most important benefit of our maintenance service is that it allows us to monitor the condition of your roof assets on regular basis, identifying and correcting potential problem areas before they require major repairs. The result is a secure roof and savings for you.

Roof Maintenance
Each roof maintenance program includes periodic inspection of the entire system including flashings, drains or gutters, masonry, etc. This inspection is done by a specialist trained to identify and correct problems before they become major headaches. Recommendations are made to bring your roofing system up to standards. Minor repairs are made at the time of inspection. All debris is removed; gutters, leaders and drains are cleaned. A maintenance inspection report is forwarded to you upon inspection.

Roof Repairs
We offer rapid roof repair services, both small and large. All regular maintenance program clients are given priority during severe weather emergencies.

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