Replacing Your Flat Roof

If your roof has suffered irreversible storm damage, water damage, falling trees, or just the effects of time, you are losing money every day you wait to replace it. A quick call to the Chicago commercial roofing experts at Great Lakes Roofing & Construction will put you back on track to making money in a safe, durable work space.

Great Lakes Roofing & Construction can replace your existing roof with a new, energy efficient flat roofing system, quickly and affordably.

Our factory trained roofing contractors will tear off your existing roof and replace it with a high quality, durable flat roof. With more than 30 years of Chicago commercial roofing experience, our staff has the expertise necessary to make your roof replacement as efficient as possible. Typically we can finish a roofing system in one day, but if we cannot we will effectively cover your business, ensuring that no damage is done while your building is open to the elements.

A durable replacement roof from Great Lakes Roofing & Construction is a great way to extend the life of your building. Call us today and our expert Chicago roofing contractors will come assess the condition of your roof for FREE.

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Roof Replacement


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