Modified Bitumen Chicago Roofing

For many commercial roofing applications a modified bitumen roof is a good choice for ensuring roofing integrity at an affordable cost. Great Lakes Roofing & Construction is a Chicago roofing contractor with deep experience in modified bitumen roofing systems.

A modified bitumen roof combines the asphalt-based products associated with a tar & gravel (built up) roof with the installation techniques used on many single-ply systems. As a result the roofing system has the durability of a built-up roof, while incurring fewer labor costs.

A modified bitumen roof is a highly durable roofing system that is particularly suited to high traffic roof areas or on smaller roofs that may also house service equipment such as air conditioning units. The flexible nature of the “modifiers” allow Great Lakes Roofing & Construction’s roofing experts to install a roof that is thicker and more resistant to building movement and metal-to-membrane interfaces than a traditional tar & gravel system.

Having Great Lakes Roofing & Construction install a modified bitumen roofing system on your commercial structure will deliver a quality roof that will provide many years of protection and service.

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