Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration for Commercial Buildings

Great Lakes Roofing & Construction specializes in the restoration of metal roofs on commercial buildings. We offer two highly effective methods to restore and extend the life of your metal roof:

  1. Fluid-Applied Reroofing System: This method involves installing a fluid-applied roofing system that effectively stops leaks and prevents thermal shock, thereby enhancing the roof's durability and performance.
  2. Sub-Purlin Installation and New Sheet Metal Panels: This approach involves attaching sub-purlins over the existing roof and installing new sheet metal panels. This not only strengthens the roof but also provides a fresh, durable surface.

Using either of these methods can significantly extend the lifetime of your Chicagoland commercial roofing system. Our expert roofers will assess the integrity of your business’s roofing system and determine the best restoration method to increase the protection of your inventory, equipment, employees, tenants, customers, and other valuable assets.


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