There are a number of ways your commercial roof can begin to leak. A leaky roof may start out as a small irritation, but can quickly become a costly repair issue. Find out how you can spot early signs of roof damage and discover professional, affordable roofing services near you.

Interior Water Damage

Perform a quick check of your commercial building’s interior. Look for signs of water, mold, or mildew, particularly around the top of your exterior walls or around ventilation systems. These are usually the first areas that start to leak if your commercial roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Compromised Roof Structure

Take some time to inspect your roof. Some commercial roofs are flat and allow you to walk on them to inspect them carefully, while others are sloped and require you to view them from the ground or a ladder. Look for bubbling, cracking, warping, or other unusual structure issues. Don’t attempt to stand near unusual spots on a flat or sloped roof, instead, contact a professional roofing company immediately for a thorough inspection.

Standing Water

A flat roof is designed to hold standing water for a short period of time, but all commercial roofs will begin to leak with consistent standing water. Puddles of water are typically signs of improper drainage, so you may need your gutters and drainage system cleaned.

Damaged Flashing or Caulking

Finally, look at the edges of your roofing to spot signs of loose flashing, old caulking, or other issues. The edges of your roofline and areas where two slopes connect can leak before the bulk of your roofing material is compromised.

Receive Premier Maintenance Services Today

Enjoy a leak-free commercial roof for years to come by contacting Great Lakes Roofing today. Work with a premier roofing company near you to receive complete inspections, affordable repairs, and timely roof replacement services. Call 708-512-4798 or email us today to learn more.



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