How To Prevent Common Roof Issues Caused by Ice and Snow

As fall comes to an end and the winter months approach, property owners have much more to worry about than just ice and snow on the roads. Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc on a commercial roof. As heavy snow and ice accumulate, roofs can experience issues such as ice dams, pooling, and even collapse. Continue reading to learn how to effectively winterize your commercial roof and minimize damage all season long.

Winterizing Your Roof 

While we have already seen snow this season, we are sure to experience much more for months to come. Preparing ahead of time is your best defense against the weather. Take time to clean the roof and gutters of any debris, and clear the area of any items that can be picked up in a storm. This includes securing fencing and pruning large tree branches. Applying a roof coating is another preventative measure that can help your roof better tolerate the impact and weight of heavy ice and snow.

Maintaining Your Roof Throughout Winter

While planning ahead and making all necessary repairs can help prevent a majority of problems, you will need to continue examining your roof until the winter season ends. Common problems to look out for include:

  • Ice dams
  • Freeze and thaw cycles
  • Pooling
  • Leaks
  • Cracks and deterioration 
  • Collapse

Look out for signs of structural damage and act quickly if the ceiling starts to sag, crack, or leak. Remove large amounts of snow from the roof after a snowstorm before it has a chance to freeze. Apply de-icing chemicals with caution to make sure they won’t cause damage to roofing materials.

Contact Professionals Today

While regular roof maintenance if essential all year long, the winter months require extra vigilance to prevent long term damage. For help winterizing your roof and addressing any problems that arise, contact Great Lakes Roofing by calling 708-512-4798 or emailing us right away.


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