The Importance of Metal Roof Inspections for Commercial Buildings

Many companies are opting for metal roofs for their commercial premises, largely because of factors such as durability, long-term cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Additionally, metal roofs are resistant to rot and fire. While generally sturdy and relatively low when it comes to maintenance requirements, it’s still important to arrange regular metal roof inspections. Here’s why:

Enhance Longevity

Although the initial outlay for a metal roof is often higher than for one made of shingles, well-maintained metal roofs typically outlive their non-metal counterparts for a significant amount of time. In general, metal roofs can last for around 40+ years, which is often double the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof. Of course, poorly maintained roofs often have a shorter lifespan, which can cost your company more in repairs and replacements. As well as routine inspections, it’s particularly important to arrange a roof inspection to check for damage after adverse weather conditions.

Prevent Future Problems

Regular metal roof inspections can identify any issues before they turn into a bigger (and more costly) problem. It’s often quicker, cheaper and easier to repair minor damage rather than waiting until there’s a bigger issue. For example, inspections can find dents caused during hailstorms or screws that have worked loose, providing the opportunity to remedy matters in a timely manner. They also spot issues such as scratches, which can lead to rust, and leaks, which could damage items inside the building and eventually cause safety issues.       

Maintain Visual Appeal

A building’s interiors and exteriors can make an impression on clients, suppliers and staff members. While a clean and attractive building can help bolster a positive reputation, the opposite is true for a property that looks in need of care. A failure to keep your commercial property, including the roof, looking at its best can have a negative impact on the way that people see your business as a whole.   

Inspection Process

Inspection of a metal roof generally involves:

  • Checking for debris and highlighting cleaning requirements
  • Identifying damage, such as scratches, dents and corrosion
  • Ensuring the flashing isn’t damaged and that gutters aren’t blocked
  • Making sure that no screws or fasteners are missing or loose

While regular roof inspections are recommended, it’s particularly prudent to check metal roofs before the winter arrives. This ensures that adverse weather conditions are less likely to affect the roof.

Metal Roof Inspections in Chicagoland

Great Lakes Roofing is a trusted name for all inspections, maintenance and repairs of metal roofs at commercial buildings throughout Chicagoland. In operation for more than 20 years, you can be assured that Great Lakes Roofing has the necessary experience, skills and knowledge to protect your roof. Staff members are fully trained and undergo ongoing education and training to ensure the provision of high-quality services. Contact the friendly team to arrange services, discuss your requirements or benefit from an initial free roof evaluation and inspection, which includes a written report and estimate.


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